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Get out the Grease

Monday, August 16, 2010 Posted by Travis Saunders
Long-time readers of Obesity Panacea will know that both Peter and I are fans of physically active vacations (for full details on his most recent trip, check out his travel blog PhD Nomads).  Just before we started the blog in 2008 my girlfriend Daun and I took a 4 day cycling vacation in Prince Edward County, one of the most beautiful regions in Ontario.  It is full of wineries and artisan cheese makers and the most phenomenal white-sand beach I have ever seen, made even more amazing by the fact that it's on a lake and not an ocean. 

Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Then last summer we took an even bigger trip, cycling from Canmore, Alberta, to Chase, British Columbia, a trip which took us from one side of the Rocky Mountains to the other (full disclosure: we started on the high side and finished on the low side, so it wasn't quite as intense as it sounds... although it was still pretty intense!).  That was a pretty amazing trip as well, and one that I describe in detail here.

Entering Golden, BC.

This year Daun felt the urge for an even bigger trip - she and her sister are currently cycling from San Francisco, CA, to Vancouver, BC, a distance of nearly 1,000 miles.  The trip is taking the better part of 3 weeks, so unfortunately I couldn't do the entire trip (this whole "grad school" thing can really get in the way sometimes!), but will be meeting up with Daun and her sister later this month for the final stretch from Portland, OR to Vancouver.  I know this current trip sounds very intense, but when Daun and her sister where in undergrad they actually cycled the entire way across Canada.  That's a distance of well over 3,500 miles when done in a straight line, but they did quite a few more miles than that.  Some people think that's insane, others think it's very cool.  I obviously fall into the latter category.

Leaving San Francisco.

For anyone looking to follow Daun and Lisa's (and soon my) trip, check out their travel blog titled Get Out The Grease.  Aside from being a travel diary, they are also using the blog to collect donations for the Gulf Oil Spill cleanup (hence the name), and are carrying with them pictures of everyone who has donated $20 or more.  They've got a cool video and pictures of cycling through the Redwoods here.  Go check it out, and next time you're planning a vacation, consider including a bike or two!


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