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The Week: In Brief

Saturday, January 09, 2010 Posted by Travis Saunders

While we regularly post lengthy discussions on Obesity Panacea, there are many research updates, news stories, videos, etc. in the field of obesity, physical activity and nutrition that we come across on a daily basis that never grace the pages of the blog. Most of these mini-stories we share with our followers on Twitter, and we encourage those of you with active Twitter accounts to communicate with us there to get real-time updates of all the stuff we are discussing (Follow Peter and/or Follow Travis). For those of you who shy away from Twitter, enjoy below the best mini-stories that we came across during the prior week along with links to the original source so that you can follow the full story.

The next generation of exergaming, and it looks amazing (Youtube).

For healthy bones, fat’s good, dieting’s bad and exercise is complicated (LA Times).

How many extra calories do you need to become obese? (Dr Sharma's Obesity Notes).

ERV feels that could use an obesity/health related blog... we couldn't agree more! (

How healthy are granola bars? Not very. (Fooducate).

Artificial sweeteners can't fool your brain (Sweat Science).  For a completely different take on the same topic, be sure to read this post by Dr Yoni Freedhoff of Weighty Matters.

Our friend Darya Pino takes a detailed look at Gary Taubes' new book Good Calories, Bad Calories (Summer Tomato). interviews the Editors (including Travis) on the value of blogging about research, and what to expect in the year to come (

Speaking of, here are Travis' Editor's Selections for the top Health and Clinical Research posts from the past week:

Have a great weekend, and to know what we're reading in real-time, be sure to follow us on twitter!

Travis Saunders

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