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This Week: In Brief

Saturday, December 19, 2009 Posted by Travis Saunders

While we regularly post lengthy discussions on Obesity Panacea, there are many research updates, news stories, videos, etc. in the field of obesity, physical activity and nutrition that we come across on a daily basis that never grace the pages of the blog. Most of these mini-stories we share with our followers on Twitter, and we encourage those of you with active Twitter accounts to communicate with us there to get real-time updates of all the stuff we are discussing (Follow Peter and/or Follow Travis). For those of you who shy away from Twitter, enjoy below the best mini-stories that we came across during the prior week along with links to the original source so that you can follow the full story.

Want to join the movement to increase childhood physical activity?  Join the discusssion at the Canada Gets Active and Spark Together for Healthy Kids Facebook pages.

Sand playgrounds reduce the risk of childhood arm fracture (PLoS Medicine).

Does teenage stress cause weight gain? (Dr Sharma's Obesity Notes).

What is causing the obesity epidemic and how can we move toward a healthier future?  A terrific debate between obesity researcher Kelly Brownell and Big Food lobbyist Melanie Leech (The Economist).

Physical activity may prolong survival after colon cancer (US News & World Report).

New research suggests that obesity is taking hold in Africa (Daily Nation).

A great new video from the Canadian Liver Foundation (Youtube).  For a great discussion of the video en francais, be sure to check out Le Nutritionniste.

Experts say it's time fruit juice loses its wholesome image (LA Times).

5 exercises you're doing wrong (Foxnews).

New Reebok's that probably won't tone your butt (Natural Bias).

Bad news - exercise doesn't seem to help with menstrual pain (BBC).

My weekly picks from the best blogs posts discussing peer-reviewed Health and Clinical Research (Research Blogging).

Have a great weekend, and to know what we're reading in real-time, be sure to follow us on twitter!

Travis Saunders

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