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International obesity expert Dr Barry Levin will be giving a free lecture at the University of Ottawa Health Sciences campus at 1:00pm on Friday, Nov 20 titled "Strategies for preventing diet-induced obesity".  Dr Levin's work focuses on the role that the brain plays in obesity, and it is expected to be a terrific presentation.  Although the lecture is being hosted by the University of Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Obesity Network Student and New Professionals, it will be open the the public, and I highly recommend that anyone within driving distance of Ottawa consider attending (I'm looking at you, Queen's University!  McGill too!).  For more information you can contact Dr Siham Yasari or myself (I share a lab with the co-chair of the event).

I would also like to congratulate the local chapter of the Canadian Obesity Network Student and New Professionals organization for managing to scrounge up enough money to fly in a world-renowned obesity expert, AND to provide free beverages and snacks for those in attendance (that's right - snacks and beverages!).  This is likely going to be a top-notch presentation, and it is thanks to the hard work of several already over-worked graduate students, as well as the financial support of the University of Ottawa and the Canadian Obesity Network.  Well done to Zach, Angela, and everyone else who has contributed to what promises to be a great event.

Hope to see you on the 20th!


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